The attempted rape of Janice Rand was…unnerving. I was seriously uncomfortable with that because it was fucking intense. Sorry for all the swearing, but dude, how did they get that past the NBC execs? Don’t get me wrong, it was effective for all the right reasons, but for a ’60s network prime time drama, damn! I’m glad that since they committed to including it, they didn’t pull any punches (so to speak) and played it totally straight. And her questioning afterwards? Man! I will say I was a bit bothered by Spock’s comment at the end. “Insensitive,” Spock? What are you so bemused about? Rand’s reaction to his comment was spot on, though, you could just see the “Get the fuck away from me, creep!” daggers she fired at him as she walked away.

One of the darkest, most disturbing scenes in any Star Trek! (copyright Paramount)

Also good, Spock and McCoy’s reaction to an increasingly indecisive captain. Good writing in all those scenes. Good Spock character developments too, discussing his ‘halves,’ which makes his comment to Rand at the all the more jarring.
Kudos to getting a few lesser characters some key screen time, such as Farell, Fisher and Wilson. Was Fisher (Ed McCann) meant to be the same geologist in The Cage? (Don’t give me that look, I recognized the actor!). If not, darn. If so, awesome! I like to think it was same guy, because why the fuck not? I hope we see more of these guys. That was one great thing about TNG, a LOT of background actors were recurring (Kellogg, etc.) and some (O’Brien) got elevated to star status. It makes for great continuity and lessens the “characters of the week” feel.
Not criticizing it, but I definitely noticed Kirk’s missing insignia throughout the beginning. Then it magically appeared! On both Kirks!