You'll put someone's eye out with that, Sulu! (copyright Paramount)

Good episode. I had not seen this one, though I’d heard of it by way of the TNG rip-off (as much as I like TNG, seeing this definitely lowers my estimation of their ‘version’). I’m really liking the trend of giving screen time to the B characters, like Riley in engineering. That could easily have been Scotty, if the writer had been lazy, but instead we get the sense that the Enterprise isn’t just a ship full of extras standing behind the main cast. I’m keen to see more of the the crew. The slices of ship’s life is an element handled very differently in the later ST series. Watching these now, with characters like Farrell and Riley and Rand, I could easily see them joining the cast or having recurring parts. This is the second review where I talk about the B characters, but at the moment, they have an admiral presence in the series, which speaks volumes to the character of the show. There’s a sense of ensemble, rather than this being the William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy Show.

So, at the end, the time travel bit seemed to come out of nowhere. I like pondering the ramifications of time travel, which here seems to indicate that for three days, there were two Enterprises in that system, one orbiting the planet and one sent back escaping it. Assuming they didn’t interfere with their past selves in any way (I’d have sat for three days and enjoyed the time off. To do otherwise risks disruptions and paradoxes), they created a stable time loop. Meaning, when they first arrived in the system, their future selves were already there somewhere, out of sight, having just returned from three days in the future. When they escape the planet and go back three days, they could observe themselves entering the system and doing what they just did. Once their past selves were sent back three days, the future crew then resumes it’s course, having had three days of rest after the ordeal.
Best line: “Get d’Artagnan here to sickbay.” (Again, a Spock line…)
First appearance of Christine Chapel. I wonder if she’s related to Number One… 😉