Ever read any HP Lovecraft?

If not, you should. You’ll see a few nods to his work in this episode, such as mention of “The Old Ones.” Just so you know I’m not fancifully drawing the connection, episode writer Robert Block was an associate of Lovecraft. Block also wrote a little book later made into a little film, both called “Psycho.” Madness, identity, murder, taking over the galaxy, giant rock dongs all feature in their respective works (okay, the dongs may not have been so prominent…).

Good episode. Nice to see Chapel getting some screen time.

Andrea and Christine Chapel (Copyright Paramount)

Good continuity, too, where the picture of Corby at the beginning has him sporting a “Cage”-style shirt and he’s later equipped with “The Cage”-era laser pistol. It makes sense if he’s not been seen or heard for 5 years prior to this.

Thinking ahead, I wonder if Dr. Soong (creator of Data) ever visited this planet to get some tips on building androids. Or if the Dr. Brown android was retrieved by Kirk for study by Starfleet. Seriously, you can’t just leave that stuff lying around, Corby’s experiments prove that in the wrong hands, that shit’s dangerous!

Oh yeah, and Lurch! Lurch makes everything awesome! Too bad Ted Cassidy got type-cast in similar hulking roles, but work is work in Hollywood, I guess.