Bounty Hunters Sugi, Aura Sing, Cad Bane, Bossk and Robonino (copyright Lucasfilm)

Welcome to the second part of my Walkthrough of the Tv series The Clone Wars, where I explain my Chronology. If you have not yet read the Chronology nor the Walkthrough Part 1, I encourage you to do so. Follow the “Star Wars” link above or look through my Archive link to the right.


In the Web Comic “Bait,” Anakin allows himself to be captured by Dooku. The next episode, “Dooku Captured,” sees Obi-Wan spring the trap by freeing Anakin and attempting to capture Dooku. The plan fails and Dooku flees to a planet where he is caught by pirates led by Hondo Ohnaka. Anakin and Obi-Wan follow and the episode ends with Hondo inviting them to have a drink and to discuss surrendering Dooku to the Republic. The Web Comic “Switch” sees Hondo’s efforts to drug the Jedi. He eventually succeeds. The episode “The Gungan General” sees the Jedi awake in custody with Dooku. The three attempt to escape Hondo’s pirates as Hondo sets a trap for the Republic forces arriving to take Dooku. Jar Jar is forced to lead the clones when the negotiator is killed and as his team overpowers the pirates, the Jedi and Dooku make their escape. Dooku flees and the Jedi let Hondo go, as they don’t hold grudges.

This short arc introduces Hondo and his pirates, who return throughout the series. Hondo proves to be one of the most interesting secondary characters in the series. Though he is sometime the antagonist, Hondo is not really a villain in the series, per se, more like a neutral force working to his own ends, on neither side of the war unless he sees profit in it, though his actions are tempered by a certain sense of honour. And he’s entertaining as heck!

The Web Comic “Headgames” shows Secura and her clone troopers assaulting a Separatist base just before the events of the next episode. In that episode, “Jedi Crash,” Anakin, Ahsoka, Secura and her clones crash on a planet after a space battle and Anakin is seriously hurt. The Jedi find a colony of pacifists who have fled the war and Anakin is healed. The Web Comic “Neighbours” explores the ideology of the colonists and features Secura discussing them with their leader. “Defenders Of The Peace” sees a droid army arrive on the planet and use it to test an organic-killing weapon. The Jedi and clones have to defend the colony and defeat the droids.

This arc is a showcase for Aayla Secura and her clone troopers. Secura was last seen in the Zillo Beast arc, fighting the beast alongside Yoda. Her relationship with her clone troopers comes to a head in “Revenge Of The Sith” with Order 66.

The next segment is a stand-alone story starting with the Web Comic “Cold Snap,” which tells of a Republic outpost in an ice moon overrun by unseen creatures. “Trespass” picks up with Anakin, Obi-Wan and their clone troopers investigating what happened to the outpost. They are joined by Riyo Chuchi and a team of delegates from the planet on whose moon the outpost resides. The creatures responsible for the attack are Talz and they don’t take kindly to the delegation demanding they leave. A brief conflict breaks out before Riyo Chuchi makes peace after the death of the head of the delegation.

Though a single story in itself, it introduces Riyo Chuchi and her people, who become recurring political characters later in the series. Also, the death of the head delegate creates a void filled later. R2 and 3PO are briefly reunited for this mission, as well.

In the Web Comic “The Valley” droids are spotted and destroyed on Naboo, prompting an investigation into their presence. The episode “Blue Shadow Virus” have Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan and their clone troopers arrive on Naboo with Padme Amidala to investigate the droids. They discover a mad scientist working in a hidden lab to unleash the Blue Shadow Virus. His efforts are seemingly thwarted, but a single vial is snatched by a droid and Ahsoka, Padme and the clones are infected. To find a cure, Anakin and Obi-Wan go to the moons of Iago to find the only known cure. There they meet a group of trapped spacers and find an old Separatist booby trap which prevents anyone leaving. They meet a young mechanic named Jaybo who helps them disarm the booby trap and escape. Once free, they return to Naboo with the cure and save everyone infected.

The Virus arc aired as a one-hour special on TV, and as such the second episode, “Mystery Of A Thousand Moons,” had no accompanying Web Comic. Otherwise, each first season episode had a 6 page comic that appeared on the Official Star Wars website, Sadly, they’re no longer available on the site and George only knows if they’ll get issued in print ever. It’s a shame, really, since they are in many ways the key to understanding the proper sequence of the war and the episodes, even though they no longer strictly align with their original partner episodes. I don’t consider that a problem because the story is the most important thing, not the Season number, Episode number or Web Comic number.


After much planning, the Republic assault to retake Ryloth goes more or less as planned. It covers three episodes, each depicting a stage of the assault. “Storm Over Ryloth” has the Republic breakthrough the orbital blockade, “Innocents Of Ryloth” shows the advancement of the ground forces and two clones, Waxer and Boil, reunite Numa with her parents, The Web Comic, “The Ballad Of Cham Sundula,” recounts a victory for the Twilek Resistance during the Separatist occupation before and “Liberty Of Ryloth” has Watt Tambor’s forces finally overrun.

Later in the series, both Waxer and Boil’s helmets are seen sporting a little drawing of the Twilek, Numa. The Twilek resistance seen earlier in “Supply Lines” helps in the liberation of their planet. We also meet the clone Ponds again.

Next is another seemingly stand-alone episode, “Bounty Hunters.” In it, Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan travel to Felucia to investigate why a medical station in orbit has lost contact. They arrive to find the med station gone and vulture droids in orbit instead. The droids attack and the Jedi crash on the planet. There, they befriend farmers under threat from Hondo and his pirates. In this homage to “The Seven Samurai” (and “The Magnificent Seven”) , the Jedi team up with four bounty hunters to defend the farmers. The bounty hunters (Sugi, Embo, Rumi and Seripas) lose one of their number (Rumi) and the Hondo leaves when he realizes the planet is no longer profitable.

The placement of this episode is significant because Felucia is a major battleground from this point on through to Order 66 in “Revenge Of The Sith.” Here, we see how it started, with the droid destruction of the medical base. On the surface, Republic and Separatist forces have not yet begun to fight.

The return of Hondo is significant, as is the introduction of the bounty hunters. This is the first meeting between Ahsoka and Hondo and later events reflect this (we’ll get to those later).

“Holocron Heist” opens with a battle raging on Felucia. The Jedi and clones have to pull out before being overrun and Ahsoka does so reluctantly, which brings disciplinary action from the Jedi Council. She is assigned to the Jedi Archive under Jocasta Nu, whom she meets for the first time. Meanwhile, bounty hunter Cad Bane is hired by Darth Sidious to steal a Jedi holocron from the Archives. He recruits a shape-shifter who disguises herself as a Jedi and they break into the Jedi Temple. After the shape-shifter is revealed and captured, the Jedi learn that Bane has stolen a holocron and plans to kidnap another Jedi Master, Bolla Ropal, who is out of touch in the Outer Rim. The first three parts of the Web Comic “Act On Instinct” tell the story of Ropal’s kidnapping by Bane and Aura Sing. His apprentice, Tyzen Xebec, is left alone with their clone commander Ganch.

Ropal’s story is picked up immediately with the arrival of Anakin, Ahsoka and their fleet to the rescue. What’s interesting about their arrival is that a scene from the Web Comic is depicted in the episode “Cargo Of Doom” exactly, showing us the precise positioning of the events of the comic and the episodes.

Ropal is killed before the Jedi can save him and after much cat and mouse chasing, Bane is able to escape and go after the Jedi children with information taken from the Jedi crystal in Ropal’s possession paired with the earlier stolen holocron. The Jedi catch him and learn of Sidious’s facility on Mustaphar, where the kidnapped Jedi babies are being held. The facility is destroyed and the children saved.

Web Comic “Act On Instinct” Part 4 shows us Mace Windu informing Tyzen that his master, Ropal, has been killed. Ahsoka tries to comfort the Padawan, but he left despondent.

This arc provides specific clues as to its placement in the chronology. First, Ahsoka meets Jocasta Nu for the first time. They run into each other several times later, but this is specifically established as their first encounter. Secondly, the duplication of the scene in both the episode and the Web Comic positions all the events accordingly. Though Bane appeared in the last episode of Season 1, that episode, we learn later, takes place MUCH later than that and this is chronologically his first appearance.

On a side note, Bane’s droid, Todo 360, is seen to be destroyed in “Holocron Heist”. Dave Filoni has explained on the SW website that the droid was, offscreen, rebuilt and escaped. This is never seen, but the droid appears later at Bane’s side, so this becomes a case of having to take the creator’s word for it.


The Republic discovers a spy in the Senate, a former friend (Rush Clovis) of Padme’s and she’s sent to look into it, with Anakin as her undercover protection. They discover plans for a droid factory on Geonosis and that information leads them to mount an assault on the planet. The invasion of Geronosis is intense and deadly, with many clones killed and many Jedi injured. Eventually, Poggle The Lesser is captured and the Geonosian Queen is buried alive underground. Her parasitic worms survive and infest the transport leaving Geonosis and heading for a medical base. Ahsoka and fellow Padawan Bariss Offee are aboard and Offee is infected before Ahsoka learns that freezing the ship will neutralize the parasites. Ahsoka, Offee and most of the infected clones survive, barely.

In this arc we meet Luminara Unduli again and her Padawan, Bariss Offee, as well as the clones Trapper, Waxer and Boil. Waxer and Boil’s helmets now sport a little drawing of the Tylek girl Numa, whom they met while liberating Ryloth. Poggle The Lesser is captured here, which is key to later events (I’ll explain when we get there). The battle between the Padawans and the parasites leaves them gravely injured, which is also important to a specific moment coming in the next arc. This is also the first appearance of Rush Clovis, whose fate looks dire when left to Trade Federation after his job as a spy is compromised.

General Grievous kidnaps Jedi Master Eeth Koth and sends a holo-message to the Jedi with demands. The Jedi mount a rescue effort and nearly capture Grievous. He escapes to a planet and the Jedi and clones follow. There, Captain Rex meets a clone deserter and his family. The droids attack Rex and the deserter, Cut Laquane, defend their farm. Rex decides not to turn Cut in and returns to his unit as Grievous escapes again.

Not long after, Ahsoka’s lightsaber is stolen while she is on an investigation in the lower Coruscant. She meets an elderly Jedi Master, Tera Sinube, who helps her hunt down the thieves and recover the lightsaber.

This is called the Grievous Arc instead of the Grievous Trilogy because the general is only in the first two parts. However, the third part is still directly connected to the other two in a very specific way. In “Grievous Intrigue,” when Grievous sends the message to the Jedi about the kidnapping of Koth, everyone present represents almost all the main and secondary protagonists in the series. It is a veritable who’s who of Jedi and clones. More importantly, this scene introduces us to Tera Sinube and a group of Jedi younglings later seen in “Lightsaber Lost.” Not only that, Jedi who will not appear significantly until later in the war are also present. I consider this a lynch-pin scene, anchoring the earlier events with the episodes to come. It may seem to be overstating the importance of a bunch of non-speaking Jedi standing around the room, but pause the scene and look at every character there. ALL of them have been featured or will be featured later. Lastly, this scene starts with Ahsoka and Offee walking into the meeting together, having just recovered from their injuries at the end of the Geonosis arc.

Additionally, Ahsoka goes to the Archive to ask Jocasta Nu for help finding her lightsaber, placing this episode after their initial meeting in the Cad Bane Trilogy.

The Web Comics “Act On Instinct” Parts 5 to 12 and “The Valsedian Operation” Parts 1 to 12 also pick up Tyzen and Commander Ganch’s story. Sadly, after “Valsedian Operation,” the two are not seen again (yet), as SW stopped production of the Web Comic beginning with Season 4. The Web Comics I’ll refer to later were all released before Season 3, though they take place later in the timeline.

This is as good a place as any to pause before I do Part 3 and Part 4 of the Walkthrough. I know each time I’m leaving a few threads dangling, but when the Walkthroughs are complete, you’ll see how they fit together. And I’ll remind you as I go of earlier connections and how what came before affects what happens later.

I hope these are proving useful to everyone. I encourage feedback and your thoughts.