Back in my last year of high school and through university, I wrote and drew a small-press comic series titled Horizon Line. It ran for about 6 years and issues were published quarterly. There were also one-off strips in various publications (school newspapers, magazines, etc.) and a second volume of idependent issues that were written late in the series’ history, which told side stories and back stories of various characters.

“Prequel” was one such back story. It’s presented here first, for the sake of telling the story more or less in chronological order. There will be points where artistic need requires flashbacks and slight deviations from the chronological order, so for story purposes, those moments will be preserved. Otherwise, the releases (strips and supplemental issues) will be placed within the regular flow of the comic in order to tell the most linear version of the story. It’ll make the most sense that way. Consider it my Director’s Cut, with re-instated scenes and bonus footage to enhance the story.

If the reprinting of the series here is popular, I’ll keep posting the original issues, perhaps once a month.

I’ll also warn you that the earlier-drawn material varies in technical quality from the later issues, as I improved as an artist. I hope you’ll forgive the roughness of the forthcoming Issues 1 to about 3 or 4. Issue 0 “Prequel” shows you how good the art became fairly quickly, so you have that to look forward too, if nothing else.


(Horizon Line & Apex Comics, characters and events depicted therein are copyright 2012 Patrick Lemieux. All rights reserved. Registered with the National Library Of Canada)