I haven’t posted a new entry in a few weeks, as things have gotten a bit busy in the real world.

I’ll be adding posts on the following topics in the near future:

The Star Wars Chronoolgy (9th Edition), which will be sort of interactive. I plan to develop it with input and discussions between myself and other fans, but here and on http://www.imdb.com’s The Clone Wars – 2008 Series discussion forum. Basically, as Season 5 progresses, I’ll be updating the 9th Edition Chronology. I anticipate a certain amount of shuffling episodes’ orders around, as statements on StarWars.com already point out that specific episodes have been and will be aired out of chronological order. So look forward to that.

A Star Wars Chronology (Part 5) is in the works, picking up from where we last left off.

The Symphony Of Experience (Part 3), which is very late coming, as things moved rather quickly for the band and myself this summer and fall. All of that will be covered in the next blog on the subject.

Also on the art front, I’m involved in several exhibits this months, so I’ll be talking about those experiences.

That’s about it for the foreseeable future,

Happy Halloween!